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We are lovers of what we do, that’s why we decided to take it to another level and form what today is High Life Distributors.

A young company, although with a lot of experience in the field, thanks to one of our partners Luis Garrido.

Luis, who has been our great promoter, selects each product with great detail, making his great knowledge available to you in order to give you the highest experience.

We have strategic allies


Looking for a high-quality smoke experience?

6500 Puffs/ 15ml/ 5% Salt.Nic

Pre Rolls

Rolling Papper

Do you want superior pre-rolled cones or rolling paper?

Dusted with CBG Hief

Resealable Bag


Need to finish with a glass mouthpiece to get the smoothest hits you’ve ever experienced?

Blunt/ D8

Wine & Sparkling Wine

Do you want a Sparkling Wine with a unique formula, with a natural and deep aroma, to live a luxurious experience?

Exciting experience

Essential oils from natural Terpenes

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We distribute the best Hemp CBD products

1240 SW 134th Ct Suite 12 Miami – Florida 33186

From Mondays to Sundays 8:00 am a 8:00 pm

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